Sunday School 9:00 AM
Worship Service 10:30 AM

ABLAZE 9th-12th Grade

When We Meet:

Our gatherings take place every Wednesday Night starting with dinner at 6:15 and the Youth Group from 6:45-8, during the school year. During the summer we meet on Wednesday Night from 7-9. From time to time we will have special gatherings such as 5th Quarter, Outreach events, Lake Night and other fun activities. We also do yearly summer outings like camping and Summer Camp. We also try to do a Spring Break Mission Trip at least every other year. If you are a student in 9th-12th grade we hope that you will join us for these events.


The high school youth ministry at Pinedale Bible Church exists to bring glory and honor to God, to build disciples, and to equip students to make disciples of others. We believe that God created us to follow Him and to make disciples of all people. (Matt. 28:18-20) We exist not only for that but to bring glory and honor to God. We believe that all of creation was for this purpose and God is working out His plan for redemption through Jesus.
Therefore, everything that we do; every teaching, every event, every structure put in place; in high school ministry at Pinedale Bible Church is aimed at bringing glory and honor to God, building disciples and equipping students to make disciples of others. Our success will not be measured in mere numbers or how much fun we have but in how we fulfill our ultimate purpose as outlined here.


As was stated in our purpose God has called us to make disciples. (Matt. 28:18-20) Thus, our mission is to do just that. We want our high school ministry to build disciples that are passionate about their relationship with Jesus and then sharing that with others so that they too can be making disciples. It is our hope that the students that we lead would know, love and live for Jesus. It is also our hope that these students would find their satisfaction in Christ alone. We pray that the relationship with Jesus started or grown during this time would be one that would continue all the days of their lives.


In order for us to accomplish our purpose and mission we will be emphasizing 3 inter-related steps.

1) Bringing Students to Christ-It is our desire that every student that is part of the ministry we are doing will be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That means that in everything we do the Gospel must be front and center. We want the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the story of His saving grace to be taught and to radiate in everything that we do so that students will be led to make a decision to follow Him.

2) Building Students Up in Christ-It is our desire that the transformation that takes place in the lives of our students will not stop after responding to the Gospel in repentance and faith. We long that our students go beyond mere faith and build lasting relationships with the Lord that will result in lasting spiritual fruit. We are aiming to build spiritually mature disciples. To do this we will work with students to help them learn to love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength and to love their neighbors as themselves.

3) Sending Students Out for Christ-We pray that every student would not only respond to the Gospel and grow in their relationship with the Lord but that in doing so would be obedient to God’s call to share their faith and the love of Christ with all. In order to do this we will work with students to help them understand how to actively and lovingly engage those around them with their faith and the love of Christ.

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