Sunday School 9:00 AM
Worship Service 10:30 AM

Children’s Ministry

Bible Quest:

Bible Quest is our Wednesday afternoon gathering for Kindergarten-2nd grade students. This focuses on getting these young students a taste of what the Bible is all about and the truths that it holds. Our amazing group of leaders guides these students as they begin a journey of learning about what Christianity is all about.
Please join us Wednesday right after school for this amazing time. Our bus will pick the students up from school and parents can pick up students at the church at 5:10.
Permission slips can be filled out when you come pick up your child on their first day. Please make sure that if your child is riding the church bus to let their teachers know.

Fishermen’s Club:

Each Wednesday we meet with our 3rd-5th Graders for a group we call Fishermen’s Club. The mission behind this club is to give students a place that they can learn about God and choose to follow Him in faith. It is our prayer that each student that comes through our program will come to understand that they are sinners in need of a Savior and that the only way to be saved from that sin is to come to repent and place their faith in Jesus Christ. We want them not only to believe but then to grow in that faith so they can become “fishers of men” just like the early disciples of Jesus.
This gathering is a time of worship through song, sound Bible teaching, Scripture memory and classroom activities. That will come to a close with a fun game. Please join us Wednesday right after school for this amazing time. Our bus will pick the students up from school and parents can pick up students at the church at 5:10.

Children’s Church:

Children’s Church takes place during our Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:30 and is an alternative worship gathering for our children 3 yrs old-2nd grade. It is our belief that they can learn far more by being taught at their level than from being a part of our main Worship Service.
During this time the children are being lead through the BUZZ curriculum by a great group of leaders. BUZZ is designed so that each quarter has its own unique theme. Students are then taught on that theme from a collection of both well-known classic Bible stories and lesser known stories that will be helpful to drive home the theme. Not only that but each week students are presented with a fast paced fun time of both learning and fun that is sure to keep them busy so that parents can worship together without worrying about their children.

Sunday School:

Each Sunday Morning at 9:00 we gather for Sunday School. We start off with a time of worship through song where all ages meet together. Following songs we divide up into classes by age for our teaching time. We have classes for all ages infant through Adult.
For our 3 yr old-Pre-K, Kindergarten-1st Grade, and 2nd-3rd grade classes we are going through The Gospel Story for Kids. This is a journey through the entire Bible and has the goal of showing how all of Scripture is leading to and culminated by Jesus coming to save us from our sin.
Our 4th-5th students are working through Walking With the Wise a study of The Book of Proverbs.
For our youngest church goers not yet in a class Nursery is available both during Sunday School and morning worship.

Mountain Quest for Christ:

What most would call Vacation Bible School we affectionately call Mountain Quest for Christ and for good reason. Our VBS is completely different than what you see most places. Instead of keeping the kids cooped up here at the church we get them outside where they can explore the beauty of God’s creation that surrounds us here in Pinedale. Each year this week long event takes place in June. Each day we hop on the church bus and head out to explore God’s creation together. We travel to a number of different local hiking areas where we spend time together hiking and not only exploring God’s creation but in a time of solid Bible teaching where students are encouraged to either start or grow their relationship with Jesus. If you are a student Kindergarten-5th grade we hope that you will join us for this exciting time.